Core Nantucket



COURTNEY MCKECHNIE A year-round resident of Nantucket, Courtney has been in the fitness industry for ten years. Courtney is a fully certified power pilates instructor allowing her to train clients of all levels from beginner to advanced. She has combined her interests in fitness and fashion to create CORE.










Melanie was trained at Boston Body in Belmont Ma which is a Balanced Body Pilates Method.  She is also certified in the Barre Method.  She lives in Wellesley Ma and has works at Boston Body as well as training clients in their home.  She has been teaching at Core on Nantucket for the past four years.











Originally from upstate New York, but with a gypsy heart, Alena has been coming to Nantucket for the summers for 8 years. An avid outdoor athlete, Alena finds benefit in using Pilates as a cross training tool to keep her body balanced and strong for the sports that she really loves to do (ie Kiteboarding, mountain biking, and StandUp Paddleboarding).
She initially trained with Power Pilates, learning the classical style of Pilates, but has since done advanced training with her mentor Rael Isacowitz of BASI as he has a great perspective on biomechanics within the Pilates method. One of the motto’s of Power Pilates was “movement heals”. Alena still ascribes to this philosophy and has progressed her education in neuromuscular techniques and bodywork. She uses NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) and Active Release Techniques (ART), and (of course Pilates as a corrective), to help resolve and reset dysfunctional movement patterns that can decrease performance or cause chronic pain.


Jena Latham
A native of the Chesapeake Bay, has been working in the field of holistic health for over 20 years. She received her Pilates comprehensive teacher training from Body Arts and Science International after years of her own practice as well as studying many other movement modalities. She has taught Pilates in French in Lyon, France. Jena recently completely her training in London as a Garuda instructor which combines Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Dance. You will enjoy her dynamic and eclectic teaching style!








Tessa Cressman